South Africa Tour Packages



11 Nights / 12 Days

Cape Town, Oudtshoorn, Knysna, Suncity, Kruger, Johannesburg

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8 Nights / 9 Days

Cape Town, Oudtshoorn, Knysna, Suncity, Johannesburg

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6 Nights / 7 Days

Cape Town, Suncity, Johannesburg

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10 Nights / 11 Days

Cape Town, Oudtshoorn, Knysna, Suncity, Mabula, Johannesburg

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08 Nights / 09 Days

Cape Town, Oudtshoorn, Knysna, Suncity, Johannesburg

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South Africa Tour Packages


South Africa is a country that is located in the southern tip of the African continent. The real name of South Africa is Republic of South Africa (RSA). South Africa is known for its greenery, flora and fauna, beaches etc. It is a place where the tourists can go in the safari and click pictures of wildlife animals. The time zone used by South Africa is South Africa Standard Time (SAST) and it is three and half hours behind the Indian Standard Time (IST). The population of South Africa is more of Black African people but there are Africans of various communities such as White Africans, Indian Africans and many more

Best time to visit:-  The best time to visit South Africa is during the months of May to September as it is the summer season that will be going on over there and the tourists can explore the country smoothly and enjoy interacting with wild animals as compared to other months during monsoon and winter season.

We at Dewan Holidays have come out with various South Africa tour packages for our customers and the one that we recommend to our customers is the Best of South Africa tour package.

Duration of the package: – The duration of the package is 11 nights/ 12 days. The places of South Africa that will be covered under this package are Cape Town, Outdshoorn , Knysna, Kruger, Sun City and Johannesburg.

Highlights of the Package

The sightseeing points that are covered under the South Africa tour packages are as follows: –

● Cape Town: – It is one of the capital cities of South Africa which is known for its beaches, historic places etc. Cape town is the home for rich people as the prices of the houses in Cape town are very high which cannot be afforded by the middle men. It is also a location where movies and Indian shows have been shot like Khatron Ke Khiladi, Sanju which became a hit, Cocktail etc. The sightseeing points that the tourists will cover in Cape town on the second day of the tour are the mother city tour which will be a road drive to the Clifton Street and the Sea point which is between the signal hill and the atlantic ocean where the tourists can have a beautiful look of the ocean and there are bars as well as restaurants in the beaches. There are around 4 beaches around the area which are numbered from 1 to 4. The next place is the house of parliament where the parliamentary proceedings are done and it is designed in a neoclassical way using the Dutch architecture. It has also added a new house in the building which is the national assembly that is the lower house and the National council of Provinces is the upper house of the parliament. The next few places are historical sights that are the Iziko museum which is the first museum established in the country since 1825 and it is having 4 levels that contain historic collections right from the age of Dinosaurs and it also contains a sky planetarium to recreate those moments. The next place is District Six, it is a residential area in Cape town which has gone through miserable times. During the year 1965 to 1970 more than 60,000 families were kicked out from District Six by the Apartheid regime and then it was declared as a white area. District Six was a home to people of various communities. The next historic place is Bo-kaap which is an area in Cape town which is known for the colourful houses and it is known for the mixture of Cape Dutch and Georgian architecture. The next place is the slave lodge where the slaves from Asian countries were brought in the slave lodge by the Dutch East India Company. The last place in the mother city tour is the greenmarket square which is more of a shopping spot for the tourists to do their shopping. The tourists can buy handicrafts, paintings, jewellery, clothing, artefacts etc. The next place covered under the South Africa tour package is the Table Mountain which can be reached by the tourists by two ways either by a cable car ride or through the signal hill depending on the weather. This mountain gives a good view of the city and sea shores.

The next day the tourists will go for the Cape Peninsula tour which includes a car drive till the Hout bay which is a harbour town that gives a splendid view of the ocean and there are boats stranded over there. Besides this there are seals in the hout bay which the tourists can interact with proper safety. The next place is the Cape of Good hope reserve which is located at the end of the Cape Peninsula and it looks like the end of Cape town. It is exactly in the southwestern point of Africa. It gives a good view of the ocean. The tourists can reach this place by taking a tram ride or by coming by their own car. The cape of good hope has also been a graveyard of more than 100 ships and the tourists can do hiking at the cape of good hope. The tourists can take a ride from the lower station near the Cape of Good hope to the Cape point through the Flying Dutchman which is a small type of a railway train that serves a one-way trip only. It is a funicular ride that gives a good view to the tourists of nature, especially the flora and a good view of the ocean. The next place is the boulders beach which is a very popular and unique beach in Cape Peninsula. This is the only beach that has African penguins and the tourists can personally interact with the African penguins. It is best to view the penguins from the foxy beach. The last place to visit in Cape Peninsula tour is the “Able Seaman Just Nuisance” in Simon town which talks about the only Great Dane dog breed that was enlisted in the Royal navy during the world wars.

● Oudtshoorn: – It is a town in South Africa that is located in the western cape and it is famous for the Ostrich farms and it is called the Ostrich industry. The places that will be covered by the tourists are the wildlife ranch which has more than 90 different types of species for the tourists to look at and explore. There is a crocodile park where tourists can feed the crocodile or they can do a croc-cag dive in the crocodile river. Besides this the tourists can personally touch as well as interact and click pictures with cheetahs, snakes, lemurs, feeding a tiger or leopard etc. It is a must place for all animal lovers. The tourist will explore a few places before leaving for Knysna which are the Cango caves which is the biggest cave in Africa that is located in the Western cape. It is known for rock formations, narrow tunnels, and chambers which are made of limestone. There is also an underground chamber where there is water that is very cold. There is also a zipline activity which the tourists can do and have some fun. The last place that the tourists will visit is the Ostrich farm tour in Oudtshoorn where the tourists can personally interact and feed the ostriches. They can also ride on the ostriches.

● Knysna: – It is a town that is located in the western province and the town has to be explored by the tourists using a boat or a cruise as the town is in water. The tourists will be using the cruise and they will explore the lagoons of Knysna and the tourists can click pictures of the lagoon. The tourists will also explore the sandstone heads that separate the lagoon from the sea.

● Sun city: – Sun city is a very popular luxury resort that is covered under the South Africa tour packages. It is located in the Northern Province of South Africa and it is between the Elands River and the Pilanesberg. This is a very big resort that has many rooms, restaurants and amenities for its guests. There is a casino where the tourists can try their luck and earn some money, there are golf courses, swimming pool etc. The tourists can also visit a popular Indian Restaurant in the resort which is Raj Restaurant which is not included in the package, the tourist will pay by themselves for their order. There are other parts of the resort where the tourist can explore that are the Valley of the Waves which looks more like a beach but there are water sports like the themed tunnel rides like scorpion, viper and many more. The tourists who are not keen to go to the Valley of waves can visit the Palace of the lost city wherein the tourists can explore the fluttering bridge of time and the elephant statues around the bridge and the elephant cave after crossing the bridge.

The tourists will next day go to the Pilanesberg Nature reserve which is outside the resort and all the charges including the game drive have to be paid by the tourist themselves. It is the fourth largest nature reserve in South Africa. The tourists will get the chance to see and click pictures of various wild animals in the nature reserve but the interesting thing is that they have the chance to personally see and interact with the big 5 wild animals which are elephant, lion, rhino, buffalo and leopard. The big 5 interaction is in the game reserve area and the tourist will be driven to the big 5 reserve area. It is a good chance for the wildlife photographers and the tourists to click some beautiful pictures of the big 5 wildlife animals.

Kruger National Reserve: – The Kruger national reserve is the largest reserve in Africa. The tourists will get a chance to personally interact with many wild animals like hyena, monkey, mongoose, porcupine and many more. The tourists will get a chance to interact with the big 5 namely elephant, lion, rhino, buffalo and leopard. It is similar to the Pilansberg nature reserve but the only difference is the size of the nature reserve as the Kruger national reserve is bigger in terms of size and the Pilansberg nature reserve is small.

Johannesburg: – It is the last city that is covered under the South Africa tour Packages. It is the largest city in South Africa and it has become a popular tourist hub. The sightseeing points that the tourists will visit in Johannesburg is the Golden Reef City tour which is a theme park which talks about the history of gold mining in Johannesburg. There is an underground mine where the tourists can see the gold being melted into the liquid form. Besides there is a casino, bowling alley, trampoline, rides in the theme park for kids etc.

This was all about the South Africa tour packages and we hope that the above information has been able to give you an insight about the package.

Frequently Asked Questions

● What is the currency of South Africa?
Ans: The currency of South Africa is the Rand (ZAR)

● Which visa is required to reach South Africa?
Ans: The visa required to travel to South Africa is the South Africa E-visa.

● What are the flight charges from India to South Africa?
Ans: The flight charges from India to South Africa are between RS 35,000/- to RS 75,000/-

● Which language is spoken in South Africa?
Ans: South Africa has 11 languages which are English, Swazi, Sotho, Swan, Ndebele, Venda, Zulu, Northern Sotho, Tsonga, and Xhosa. English is the common language out of all the 11 languages.

● What makes South Africa popular in terms of shopping?
Ans: The things which the tourists can shop from South Africa are the old word wine, pendants, rooibos tea, earrings, room flavoured candles, leather backpacks, fruits etc.

● Is South Africa expensive?
Ans: South Africa is not very expensive.

● Which hotels are covered in the South Africa tour package?
Ans: The hotels covered in this package are 4-star hotels. Some of which are Hyatt Regency in Cape Town, Reef hotel in Johannesburg etc.

● Is South Africa safe for the tourists to visit?
Ans: South Africa is a safe place for the tourists in terms of the places that will be covered in the package and the tourists need to follow all the guidelines as told by the guide over there.

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