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Jammu & Kashmir

Road Trip

Live Life to the Fullest – Himachal – Ladakh – Kashmir

16 Nights / 17 Days
Availability : June, July, August & September
Ex. Delhi

Himachal – Ladakh – Kashmir

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Road Trip

Explore Yourself – Himachal – Ladakh – Kashmir (The Journey of Lifetime)

11 Nights / 12 Days
Availability : June, July, August & September
Ex. Delhi

Himachal – Ladakh – Kashmir

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By Air

Splendours of Kashmir By Air

05 Nights / 06 Days
Availability : June 2024: 08,12,15,19 & 22
Ex. Delhi

Srinagar, Sonmarg, Gulmarg, Pahalgam

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Ageless Explorer Road Trip

Ageless Explorer – Explore Yourself – Himachal – Ladakh – Kashmir (The Journey of Lifetime)

11 Nights / 12 Days
Availability : June, July, August & September
Ex. Delhi

Himachal – Ladakh – Kashmir

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Ageless Explorer Road Trip

Ageless Explorer – Live Life to the Fullest – Himachal – Ladakh – Kashmir

16 Nights / 17 Days
Availability : June, July, August & September
Ex. Delhi

Himachal – Ladakh – Kashmir

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Ageless Explorer

Splendours of Kashmir By Air

05 Nights / 06 Days
Availability : 22 May & 01 Jun
Ex. Delhi

Srinagar, Sonmarg, Gulmarg, Pahalgam

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Mesmerizing Kashmir

04 Nights / 05 Days

Srinagar, Pahalgam, Sonmarg, Gulmarg 

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Heavenly Kashmir

06 Nights / 7 Days

Sonmarg-Gulmarg– Pahalgam –Srinagar

(4 Reviews)
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Paradise on Earth- Kashmir

5 Nights / 6 Days

Sonmarg-Gulmarg– Pahalgam –Srinagar

View Details

Glimpses of Kashmir

04 Nights / 5 Days

Sonmarg-Gulmarg– Pahalgam –Srinagar

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Discovering Kashmir: A Journey through Majestic Landscapes and Rich Cultural Heritage

Explore Kashmir’s captivating beauty and rich cultural heritage, known as “Paradise on Earth.” This guide invites you to discover the snow-capped peaks, serene lakes, and centuries-old traditions of the Kashmir Valley. Whether you seek adventure, history, or tranquillity, Kashmir has tailored experiences for every traveller.
Kashmir: Location and Geography
Kashmir, often called the “Crown of India,” is situated in the northern part of the Indian subcontinent. Nestled in the Himalayan range, the region is known for its diverse topography, including snow-clad mountains, lush valleys, and pristine lakes. Srinagar, the summer capital, and Jammu, the winter capital, serve as gateways to this enchanting land.
History and Cultural Heritage
The history of Kashmir is as rich and complex as its landscapes. Once a flourishing centre of Hindu and Buddhist cultures, it later became a significant hub for Islamic traditions. The Mughals and later the Afghans and Sikhs have all left their imprint on the region. Today, Kashmir boasts a unique blend of religious diversity, with ancient temples, mosques, and gurudwaras coexisting harmoniously.
Srinagar: The Summer Capital

Dal Lake and Shikara Rides: Glide across Dal Lake on a vibrant Shikara, surrounded by floating gardens and snow-capped mountains.
Mughal Gardens: Nishat Bagh and Shalimar Bagh, commissioned by Mughal emperors, offer tranquillity with terraced layouts and ornate features.
Shankaracharya Temple: Atop a hill, this ancient temple provides panoramic views of Srinagar, blending spirituality with breathtaking landscapes.

Gulmarg: The Meadow of Flowers

Skiing and Gondola Ride: Gulmarg, a winter wonderland, attracts skiing enthusiasts. The Gulmarg Ski Resort and the high-altitude Gondola ride offer thrilling experiences.
Apharwat Peak: Nature lovers rejoice at the panoramic views of the Pir Panjal range accessible via the Gondola, promising awe-inspiring scenery.

Pahalgam: Valley of Shepherds

Betaab Valley: Lush and named after a Bollywood film, Betaab Valley invites nature lovers for leisurely walks and picnics amid pine forests and streams.
Lidder River Rafting: The adventurous Lidder River offers thrilling white-water rafting against a backdrop of towering mountains.

Sonamarg: The Meadow of Gold

Thajiwas Glacier: A trek through Sonamarg leads to the majestic Thajiwas Glacier, surrounded by snow-capped peaks.
Trekking and Camping: Sonamarg, a trekker’s paradise, offers varied trails and surreal camping experiences under the starlit sky.
Best Time to Visit
While Kashmir is a year-round destination, the best time to visit is during the spring and summer (April to June) when the weather is pleasant, and the landscapes are in full bloom. Autumn (September to November) also offers a picturesque setting with the vibrant hues of the Chinar trees. Winter (December to February) is perfect for snow enthusiasts, with Gulmarg transforming into a winter wonderland.
Skiing in Gulmarg
Experience unforgettable winter sports at Gulmarg Ski Resort, gliding down powdery slopes against the majestic Pir Panjal range.
Shikara Rides on Dal Lake
Immerse in Srinagar’s serene waterways on a Shikara, exploring floating gardens, vibrant handicraft shops, and the unique lifestyle of Dal Lake’s communities.
Trekking in Sonamarg
Venture into Sonamarg’s “Meadow of Gold” on exhilarating treks, unveiling alpine meadows, dense forests, and breathtaking landscapes.
Shopping in Srinagar
Explore Srinagar’s vibrant markets for authentic Pashmina shawls, intricately woven carpets, and traditional handicrafts, immersing in Kashmir’s artistic heritage.
Culture and Arts
Hazratbal Shrine
A significant Islamic pilgrimage site on Dal Lake’s shores, revered for its serenity and religious importance.
Shankaracharya Temple
Perched atop a hill, this sacred Hindu site offers panoramic views of Srinagar, blending spirituality with breathtaking landscapes.
Mughal Road
Traverse the historical Mughal route to uncover ancient monuments and picturesque gardens, immersing yourself in the Mughal influences of the region.
Immerse in Kashmir’s vibrant culture during festivals like Eid, Navroz, and Hemis, where joyous celebrations fill the air with music, dance, and cultural festivities.

Food and Dining
Wazwan Cuisine
Immerse yourself in the opulence of Wazwan, a grand Kashmiri culinary tradition that unfolds as an elaborate multi-course feast, showcasing the region’s rich gastronomic heritage.

Delight your senses with Kahwa, a traditional Kashmiri green tea infused with an aromatic blend of spices and saffron, offering a warm and invigorating experience.
Local Cuisine
Embark on a culinary journey through the diverse flavours of Kashmir with iconic dishes like Rogan Josh, Yakhni, and Dum Aloo, each presenting a unique blend of spices and textures that define the region’s distinctive taste.
Souvenirs To Buy
Immerse yourself in Kashmir’s culture with unique souvenirs. Wrap in authentic Pashmina shawls, explore paper-mâché and walnut wood crafts, and adorn your home with Kashmiri carpets. Capture local landscapes through artwork and embrace tradition with attire like phirans. These souvenirs not only mark your journey but support local artisans and preserve Kashmir’s cultural heritage.
Travel Tips
Permits: Ensure you have the necessary permits, especially if travelling to border areas.
Transportation: Choose between flights to Srinagar or scenic road trips from Jammu.
Accommodations: Options range from houseboats on Dal Lake to luxury resorts in Gulmarg.
Health and Safety: Carry essentials for changing weather conditions and respect local customs.
Travel Itineraries for Kashmir
Family Getaways
Explore Srinagar’s Dal Lake and Mughal Gardens, then head to Gulmarg for family skiing and Gondola rides. Enjoy a serene picnic in Pahalgam’s Betaab Valley and adventurous Lidder River rafting. Conclude with a family-friendly trek to Thajiwas Glacier in Sonamarg.
Solo Expeditions
Discover solitude in Pahalgam’s solo treks, solo skiing in Gulmarg, and explore Srinagar’s Shankaracharya Temple. Take solitary Shikara rides on Dal Lake and embark on solo treks to Thajiwas Glacier in Sonamarg.
Romantic Retreats
Indulge in romantic Shikara rides and garden strolls in Srinagar, dreamy Gondola rides in Gulmarg, and leisurely walks in Betaab Valley, Pahalgam. Conclude in Sonamarg with a trek to Thajiwas Glacier and a romantic camping experience under the stars.
Travel Tools
Communication: Ensure you have a post-paid SIM card for seamless connectivity.
Navigation Apps: Download offline maps for remote areas.
Practical Information: Exchange currency and be aware of local customs and traditions.
Events and Festivals: Plan your visit during festivals like Tulip Festival and Shikara Festival.
Events and Festivals
Kashmir hosts several vibrant festivals and events that offer a glimpse into its rich cultural heritage. Some of the notable ones include:
Tulip Festival
Held in April, the Tulip Festival in Srinagar showcases the blooming tulip gardens, transforming the region into a colourful paradise. It’s a celebration of spring and a visual treat for visitors.
Shikara Festival
Celebrated on Dal Lake in Srinagar, the Shikara Festival is a showcase of the region’s traditional wooden boats. This event combines cultural performances, handicraft exhibitions, and water sports, creating a lively atmosphere.
Hemis Festival
The Hemis Festival, held at the Hemis Monastery in Ladakh in July, is one of the largest and most famous religious festivals in the region. It commemorates the birth of Guru Padmasambhava and features vibrant masked dances and cultural performances.
Tulmul Festival
Celebrated at the Tulmul Shrine near Srinagar, this festival, held in June, marks the annual fair at the sacred site. Pilgrims and tourists gather for religious ceremonies, folk music, and local crafts.
Jammu and Kashmir Mahotsav
Organised to showcase the cultural diversity of the region, the Jammu and Kashmir Mahotsav features traditional music, dance performances, handicraft exhibitions, and culinary delights. It provides a comprehensive experience of the region’s cultural richness.
Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha
The two major Islamic festivals, Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha, are celebrated with great fervour and festivity in Kashmir. Markets come alive with shopping, and families gather for feasts and prayers.
Travel to Kashmir from Other Cities in India
Flights: Domestic tourists can access Kashmir with direct flights from major Indian cities to Srinagar and Jammu airports. International visitors can take connecting flights from Mumbai or Delhi.
Road Trips: Enjoy scenic drives from Jammu to Srinagar or Gulmarg, unveiling the breathtaking beauty of Kashmir’s landscapes.
Rail Connectivity: Jammu Tawi Railway Station provides convenient rail access to the region, offering a comfortable journey for travellers opting for train travel.
Connect with Us
For personalized and seamless travel experiences in Kashmir, consider availing of customised travel packages from Dewan Holidays. For inquiries, travel assistance, or to share your Kashmir experience, reach out to us. We’re dedicated to ensuring you have an unforgettable journey through the breathtaking landscapes and cultural treasures of Kashmir.
Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty and cultural richness of Kashmir. Let this guide serve as your roadmap to creating lasting memories in this majestic land. Begin your adventure now and consider personalised travel packages for an extraordinary experience.
1. When is the best time to visit Kashmir?
The optimal time is April to June for pleasant weather, autumn (September to November) for picturesque views, and December to February for snow enthusiasts.
2. Must-visit locations in Kashmir?
Srinagar for Dal Lake and Mughal Gardens, Gulmarg for skiing, Pahalgam for Betaab Valley, and Sonamarg for the Thajiwas Glacier.
3. Is Kashmir safe for travellers?
Yes, Kashmir is considered safe. Follow safety tips for water activities and wildlife encounters.
4. Famous dishes to try in Kashmir?
Indulge in Wazwan Cuisine, Kahwa, and traditional dishes like Rogan Josh, Yakhni, and Dum Aloo.
5. Do I need a visa to visit Kashmir?
For international travellers, ensure a valid Indian visa, as Kashmir is part of the Indian territory.
6. Tips for budget-conscious travellers in Kashmir?
Opt for budget accommodations, use local transportation, and explore low-cost dining options for a budget-friendly stay.

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