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FIT Package

Beautiful Singapore with Bali

08 Nights / 09 Days

Singapore & Bali

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Delightful Bali

04 Nights / 05 Days
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Bali is an island that is famous not only for its delicious food but also for its culture, temples, beaches, historic statues etc. It is also known as the “Land of the Gods”.The Tanah lot temple, Bali museum, Wanagiri hill and Seminyak Beach are some of the popular places to visit in Bali.

Location and Population: – Bali is located in the South eastern part of Asia. Bali is an island that is a part of Indonesia and Indonesia shares its land border with Malaysia, Papua New Guinea as well as East Timor-Leste. The geographical area of Bali is 5,780 km2 

According to the census conducted in the year 2020, the population of Indonesia is 43,17,404.

Bali’s History: – The history of Bali is all about being ruled by various empires, European countries and changes in religion over a period of time. It goes back to the eras and times that was Hundreds  and thousands years ago till the 1st century which includes the Palaeolithic era, Mesolithic time, arrival of Austronesian people etc. It was during the 1st century, merchants from India and Sri Lanka arrived in Bali which affected the population in the island.  Bali was introduced as a trade network by the Austronesian people to  other parts of the world. After a few centuries, people from India, China and Java entered the island.  They introduced  Hinduism and Buddhism as religions in the country.  During the 12th century, the island was under the rule of the Majapahit empire which ended in the 15th century by the Javense Sultanate of Demak that led to the spread of Islam in the island. In the  end of the 15th century, the rule of Javenese sultanate came to an end  which led to European countries like the Dutch come into the island. It was during the 19th century, the island was captured by Japan during the second world war but the forces of the British and Indian 5th infantry division made Bali independent after Japan surrendered. In the year 1949, Indonesia gained independence and Bali became part of Indonesia.     

Facts you should know about Bali: – There are various facts that the tourists should know about Bali before they visit it. They are as follows : – 

  • Bali is home to the delicious and most expensive coffee in the world, that is Kopi Luwak. 
  • There is a tradition in naming new born babies in Bali. The parents have four names for their children on the basis of the order of their birth such as  the first baby- Wayan, the second baby- Made, the third baby- Nyoman and the fourth baby- Ketut. If there is a fifth new born baby then the cycle repeats. 
  • There are beaches in Bali which have black sand and not white sand because of volcanic eruptions on the island.
  • Did you know that Bali is known as a Coral triangle because of the formation by the waters of various countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Papua New Guinea, etc.  
  • According to the official calendar of Bali, namely the Pakuwon calendar, the people in Bali believe that 1 year has 210 days because 1 year is divided into six and 1 month has 35 days. 

Culture and Food: – The people in Bali are warm and have a friendly nature towards tourists. The religion in Bali is Hinduism. The tourists should keep certain things in mind when they interact with locals such as avoid pointing at locals, using our left hand, touching a locals head, removing shoes when visiting a locals house etc. 

The Balinese cuisine is very similar to the cuisine of Asian countries such as India, China and Indonesia. The cuisine involves the use of rice, seafood, vegetables, meat like chicken, pork, etc. Some of the popular dishes of the Balinese cuisines are Sate lilit, Nasi Ayam and Nasi Campur, Nasi Goreng, Tahu and Tempe, Bubur Sumsum, Kopi Luwak coffee, etc.   


Things to explore in Bali: – There are various things for the tourists to explore in Bali such as festivals, events and adventure activities which are as follows: –   

  • Bali Arts Festival: – It is one of the most popular festivals that is held during the month of June and July in the city of Denpasar. The tourists would get to see the traditional dance performances, parades, art exhibitions which include paintings, handicrafts, sculptures, etc.  The festival starts with an opening parade at the Bajra Sandhi monument which is followed by most of the events at the Taman Werdhi Budaya Arts Centre. 
  • Ubud Food festival: – Held during the dry season at the Taman Kuliner, the Ubud Food Festival offers  impeccable delicacies by some of the top chefs. The tourists would also get a chance to taste wine at the festival. Besides, the festival also includes masterclasses with chefs showing some tasty food recipes and culinary competitions like annual Sambal Smackdown, the Battle of the Babi and the Salted Egg Showdown, etc.    
  • Surfing: – Surfing is one of the most popular activities in Bali. There are various beaches in Bali for the tourists to surf and they also offer proper training facilities for beginners. Some of the beaches are Kuta beach, Lovina beach, Canggu beach, Seminyak beach, etc.  
  • Paragliding: – The tourists can paraglide in Bali and get a good view of the island from the sky with proper safety. It is an adventure activity that is on the list of every tourist. Some of the places to do paragliding in Bali are Ubud, Kuta, Nusa Dua, etc.  
  • Mountain biking: –  The tourists can do mountain biking in Bali which would let them see breathtaking views of the mountains and the greenery during their trail. Some of the places to do mountain biking are Bali Bike park, Asia Pacific Downhill Challenge Track, The Black Volcanic Rock Circuit in Mount Batur, etc. 

Things to buy in Bali: –  There are various things for the tourists to buy in Bali. Some of the things to buy in Bali are Jewellery, Coffee, Chocolates, Souvenirs, Furniture, Clothing, Bags, Handicrafts, Skincare products, etc.   

Best time to visit: – The best time to visit Bali is during the dry season that is between April to September as the temperatures would be bearable and they can smoothly explore the outdoor activities in the island without rains.      

 Places to visit in Bali 

  • Denpasar: – The city which is the capital of Bali and  is situated in the southern part of the island is Denpaser. The tourists can visit the Titi Bandua statue which is situated in Depanser. The statue is based on the Indian history Ramayana, the story of  Lord Ram who rescues Sita from Lanka after she gets kidnapped by the demon king  Ravan. The statue includes a scene of the Ramayana wherein Lord Hanuman built the bridge using rocks with the help of his army of monkeys. The tourists can visit the  Jagatnatha temple which is the biggest Hindu temple that is located at the heart of the city of Denpasar in the Puputan Badung field. The temple is dedicated to Sanghyang Widi. The Jagatnatha temple is known not only for its beautiful architecture but also for the shrines of temple such as the Padmasana which is the main shrine at the centre of the temple. The height of the Padmasana is around 15 metres and there is a picture on the top of Padmasana which is of Acitnya, a symbol of manifestation of god. Besides, there are shrines of Ratu Niang and Dalem Karang in the temple. The tourists can also see the wooden bell, Paliyoson, Bali Gong and many more things in the temple. Besides, the tourists can explore the Bali museum which is located near the Royal palace of Denpasar. It was built during the 19th century and there are three buildings, Tabanan, Karangasem and Buleleng for display to the tourists  inside the museum. These three buildings display sculptures, weapons, paintings, household appliances, statues, etc.  
  • Ubud: – The town which is known as the spiritual heartland of Bali is Ubud. The tourists can visit the tanah lot temple which is one of the most popular seaside temples  that is covered in the Bali tour packages from India. The name Tanah lot means “Land in the sea.” The temple was built during the 16th century by a Javense Hindu priest, Danyang Niratha and it is dedicated to the sea gods. The temple is known not only for its architecture but also for its beautiful view of the sea. The temple was built on a rocky island which was later damaged due to erosion and the temple had to be rebuilt on a large rocky outcrop. The tourists can get a good view of the sunrise as well as the sunset from the temple. The tourists can visit the monkey forest which is situated in Padangtegal village in the city of Ubud and the forest is around 12.5 hectares. The monkey forest has around 700 monkeys and various types of trees. The tourists would get to personally interact with the monkeys, click pictures and visit the three temples in the forest namely the  Dalem Agung Padangtegal Temple, Holy Spring Temple, and Prajapati Temple. Besides, the tourists can visit the Tegenungan waterfall which is one of the most popular waterfalls in the island. The waterfall is located in the jungle in the Kemenuh village. It is a good spot for the tourists, especially the nature lovers to be surrounded by the greenery and hear the peaceful sounds of the waterfall as well as the sound of the birds chirping in the jungle. The waterfall gets the water from the Petanu river and the height of the waterfall is 66 feet. Besides, the tourists can do swimming, click pictures in the waterfall, and use the bamboo bridge to go to various spots to click pictures of the waterfall, etc. 
  • Kuta: – The district in Bali that is popularly known for its beaches is Kuta.  The tourists can visit the Seminyak Beach which is one of the most popular beaches in Bali. It is one of the cleanest beaches that is known for its white sand, marvellous view of the sea as well as the sunrise and sunsets. The tourists can get to do various activities at the Seminyak beach such as Horseback riding, swimming, surfing, scuba diving, sunbathing, etc. The tourists can visit the ground zero monument which is situated near Kuta beach. The monument is dedicated to the people who lost their lives in a terror attack on 14th October, 2004. The attack led to the death of more than 200 people. The monument has the names of the people who lost their lives during the attack engraved. Besides, the tourists can visit the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and his mount Garuda, the eagle. The park is known for the tallest statue in Indonesia of Lord Vishnu and Garuda. It is a 121 metre tall statue that is inspired from an Indian mythological story wherein Garuda was in need of help to liberate his mother. Lord Vishnu promised to help him using the Amrit that is holy water and Garuda had to in return become the mount of Lord Vishnu. Besides, there are two separate statues of Lord Vishnu which is around 75 metres tall and of Garuda which is around 70 metres tall. 
  • Buleleng: – The district that is situated in the northern part of Bali is Buleleng. The tourists can explore the Lovina beach which is one of the most popular black beaches that is covered in the bali tour packages from India. The Lovina beach is situated in the north western coast of Bali. The tourists would get to see the black sand, calm waves and the tourists can spot Dolphins at the beach in the morning. The tourists can do various water sports on the beach such as Swimming with the dolphins, Snorkelling, surfing, parasailing, jet skiing, etc. The tourists should not forget to see the beautiful sunset at the beach. The tourists can visit the Banjar hot springs which is situated in Banjar. It is a good place for the tourists to relax. There are three hot water pools  which are around 38 degree celsius and it can help soothe pain in the body. The first pool has 6 dragon mouth showers and the depth of the pool is 1 metre. The second pool is the biggest pool wherein there are 5 dragon  mouth showers and the length of the pool is 12 metres. The third pool has three dragon mouth showers. Besides, there are spa facilities available at this place for the tourists to get a spa massage and relax the body. Besides, the tourists can visit the Wanagiri hill, also known as the Wanagiri hidden hill, that is located in Munduk street. It is a nice spot for the tourists to get a  good view of the hills, tamblingan and buyan lakes, etc. The tourists can click pictures at various photo spots such as the swing which is at the peak of the hill with a view of the lakes, which is a great spot for romantic photoshoots. There is an artificial bird nest wherein the tourists can go inside the nest and click pictures. Besides, there is a heart symbol that is made up of ratten which is especially for the couples to click pictures and there is a bamboo boat facing the lake.  

How to reach Bali from India: – The tourists can reach Bali from India through flights but there are no direct flights  from India to Bali. There are 1 or 2 stop flights to reach Bali from India. Some of the airlines that fly to Bali are Singapore Airlines, Vistara, Thai Airways, Emirates, Indigo, etc. Besides, the tourists cannot reach Bali by train or ferry.     

Popular Packages: – Here is the list of popular packages to travel to Bali and it also includes packages to travel other countries including Bali which are as follows: – 

Name of the Package Duration of the Package  Price of the Package (RS)  Countries 
Beautiful Singapore with Bali  7 Nights / 8 Days  72,000 Singapore 
Beautiful Singapore with Bali  7 Nights / 8 Days  46,000 Singapore 
Delightful Bali  4 Nights / 5 Days  28,999 Singapore 

Frequently Asked Questions  

  • What is the currency of Bali ? 

Ans: The currency of Bali is Indonesian Rupiah. 

  • What is the language spoken in Bali ? 

Ans: The language spoken in Bali is Balinese but the locals can also speak in English.  

  • What are the eateries that serve Indian food in Bali ? 

Ans: A portion of eateries that serve Indian food in Bali are Curry in Bali, Ganesha Ek Sanskriti, Gateway of India, Queen’s Tandoor, etc. 

  • Which are the popular sports in Bali ? 

Ans: Some of the popular sports in Bali are Mud wrestling, bull race, kite competitions, etc. 

  • Which places are popular for shopping in Bali ?  

Ans: There are various places for the tourists to shop in Bali such as the Badung Market, Level 21 mall, Jalan Raya, Sukwati art market, Kuta night market, Candi kuning market, Alcovina wine and spirits, etc.  

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