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Europe Tour Package From India

Europe Group Tour 2024
London Tour

European Discovery

14 Nights / 15 Days
Availability : 1st July

London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Zurich, Lucerne, Interlaken, Lugano, Venice, Florence, Vatican City and Rome

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Europe Group Tour 2024

European Flavours

10 Nights / 11 Days
Availability : 5th July & 8th Sep

Paris, Zurich, Lucerne, Interlaken, Lugano, Venice, Florence, Vatican City and Rome

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Europe Group Tour 2024

Best of Paris & Switzerland

07 Nights / 08 Days
Availability : 5th July & 8th Sep

Paris, Zurich, Lucerne, Interlaken

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Classic Eastern Europe

Amazing Eastern Europe

10 Nights / 11 Days
Availability : Jun 05, 16

Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria

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Magical Scandinavia with Estonia

Magical Scandinavia with Estonia

10 Nights / 11 Days

Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia & Helsinki

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Ageless Explorer

Ageless Explorer – Magical Scandinavia with Estonia

10 Nights / 11 Days

Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia & Helsinki

View Details
Winter Tour
Tour Feature Image (7)

Best of Lapland with Kemi & Helsinki

05 Nights / 06 Days

Reindeer Safari, Husky Safari, Santa clause Village, Sampo Icebreaker, Snow hotel, Snowmobile

View Details
Winter Tour
Tour Feature Image

Best of Lapland & Helsinki

5 Nights / 6 Days

Reindeer Safari, Husky Safari, Santa clause Village, Snowmobile & Northern Lights Hunting

View Details
Winter Tour
Tour Feature Image (2)

Best of Lapland with Kakslauttanen & Helsinki

06 Nights / 07 Days

Reindeer Safari, Husky Safari, Santa clause Village, Snowmobile & Northern Lights Hunting

View Details
School Group Tour
Louvre Museum

Europe School Trip

09 Nights / 10 Days

Germany, Switzerland, France

View Details
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Europe Tour Package from India 

Europe is a place that is a dream of every traveller to travel to Europe at least once in their lifetime which is like ticking one stuff in the bucket list, it can be a sports lover or even a family vacation as well as honeymoon destinations for the couples, but it is important to understand about Europe so let’s talk about Europe and after that tourists can explore the best of Europe packages through our Europe tour package from India . 

 Location and Population: – Europe is a subcontinent of Euraisa that is located in the Northern Hemisphere and near the North Atlantic Ocean. It is considered to be a peninsula. Europe has a total of 44 countries. The geographical area of Europe is around 10.18 million kmthat is 2% of the surface of the earth, and it is the second-smallest continent. It is 20% bigger than the USA. It is also called the subcontinent or  largest peninsula.

The total population of Europe according to the Census as on 1st January 2022, the population is around 446.8 million with Russia having the highest number of population.  

 Europe’s history: –  Europe’s history has gone through a lot of pain and it has seen many empires that were established and crushed by the enemies. Besides, it has also experienced dangerous world wars that have led to countries being separated and new countries being formed that is leading to change in the entire map of Europe. Moreover, this Europe has also gone through a lot of hate among other countries due to feminist leaders with their racist speeches like the Nazi Leader Adolf Hitler. Let us understand the history of Europe through the important events that took place in Europe between the 14th century till the end of the 19th Century which are the renaissance, French revolution, industrial revolution and World wars 1 and 2. These main events led to changes in Europe.

Facts you should know about Europe:- There are various facts that the tourists should know about Europe which are as follows: –   

  • Did you know that Iceland does not have any mosquitoes? This is because the temperature of Iceland is not suitable for breeding mosquitoes. 
  • Norway has the largest coastline in Europe as compared to other European countries. 
  • The Louvre Museum is the most visited museum in Europe by the  tourists.  
  • There is a tradition in Hungary that after the defeat by Austria in the 1848 resolution, they don’t clink their glasses for a toast or to cheer. They say “Egészségedre” while enjoying their brew.
  • There are more than 200 languages spoken in Europe but 38% of the European population speak English which is the common language in Europe. 
  • The Brussels Airport has become a merchant for selling most  chocolates in the world as the tourists won’t move from Airport without buying the most delicious Belgium chocolates of the world. 

Culture and food: – The culture and food in Europe is very different from that of Asia. The culture in Europe is different from Asia. It is based on the values that made the European Union which are equality wherein there is no hatred among people towards other countries and all are considered equal. For example when Russia invaded Ukraine all the remaining European countries supported Ukraine. The remaining values are human rights, democracy, rule of law and human dignity. 

Most of the population in Europe prefer to eat Non-veg, and they eat meat which is prohibited in some Asian countries like Beef, Pork and many more. Some of the popular food dishes in Europe are Fish and Chips which are from England. It is a very tasty and finger licking dish as the fish will be fried, and it will be served with chips and some sauce or gravy. Next is Pizza which is very famous in Italy and there are many varieties of pizza in Italy such as Margherita, Capricious, Diavola etc. The next dish is the waffles from Belgium which are of two types depending on the shape of the waffle. The one which is made in rectangle shape is a Belgian waffle while the one which is made in an oval shape is a Liège waffle. The waffles come out in various flavours like Nutella chocolate, dark chocolate, strawberry waffle etc.

Things to explore in Europe:- There are various things for the tourists to explore in terms of festivals and adventure activities. Some of which are as follows: –  

  • Bordeaux Wine festival:- The Bordeaux wine festival is a four day festival that happens during the month of June. The tourists get a chance to taste some of the best french wines and the Bordeaux region is known for popular wines in France. It is celebrated along the quay side of the Garone river. 
  • Tomorrowland festival:- The Tomorrowland festival in Belgium is the most popular electronic dance music festival in Europe. It has received awards and it has been voted five times in a row as the best musical event of the year at the best international dance music awards. 
  • Venice film festival:-  The Venice film festival is the oldest film festival in the world. It is in the big six film festivals category. It is held at the Lido island in Venice Lagoon. It happens from the end of August till the first week of September. It is organised by La Biennale di Venezia and directed by Alberto Barbera.  The celebrities from various parts of the world come to the festival with their best dressing styles. 
  • Skydiving:-  Skydiving is a popular adventure sport that is to jump from a plane from the height of 13,000 feet and get a good view of the city from the skies. The tourists can skydive from popular countries in Europe like Switzerland, UK, Hungary, Italy, France, etc.    
  • Wildlife encounters:-  Are you an animal lover and want to have an encounter with wild animals? If yes, you are in the right place, the tourists can go to the Polar Park sanctuary in Norway wherein they can have close encounters with wild animals and with proper safety such as wolves, bear, arctic fox, deer etc. Besides this there are other sanctuaries in Norway like Kristiansands zoo and Amusement park, Namsskogan family park, etc. 
  • Snorkelling:- The tourists can explore the marine life of Europe and personally interact with marine animals of Europe, see the beauty of the oceans in Europe under snorkelling. They would be given equipments and safety measures are maintained.  

Things to buy in Europe:- There are various things for the tourists to buy in Europe in order to complete their shopping list. The things to shop are Dala horse, caviar, Norwegian sweaters, wine, liquor chocolates, clothes, whiskey stones, traditional Croatian shoes, littala glass, jewellery, candies, Belgian Chocolates, etc.     

Best time to Visit:- The best time to visit Europe is during the summer season in Europe that is between June to September as the weather is sunny and the tourists can smoothly explore the European countries and the temperatures are bearable in the European countries for the tourists during that time as compared to other months over there. 

Places to Visit in Europe 

  • Finland:- The country in Europe that is known to be the happiest country in the world which has clean air and the best education system is Finland which is covered in the europe tour package from India .  Helsinki is the capital and the largest city in Finland. Some of the places that will be covered in Helsinki are the Temppeliaukio Church which is located in the hearts of Helsinki and a very unique church in terms of its architecture, the architects are Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen. It was built in 1969 using solid rock and it is known as the Church of the rock. The last two places that are very close to each are the Helsinki Senate Square and Cathedral. The Helsinki senate square is known for popular buildings that surround the square which is the government palace, Sederholm house, Helsinki Cathedral which is also known as St Nicholas Church is the globally most popular church viewed in Finland. The square also contains the statue of Alexander II.  Besides this there is also a popular festival that happens in the month of August which is the Helsinki festival wherein there are many performances like dance, music, art exhibitions and many more. 
  • Estonia:-  It is the second country that is covered under the europe tour package from India . The capital of Estonia is Tallinn which makes the country special to visit for the tourists. Tallinn is known for the lush forests and the culture. Estonia is 50% covered with forests. The tourists will reach Estonia through a cruise from Helsinki. Some of the places that the tourists will cover in Estonia are the Kadriorg palace which has now become an art museum that has art exhibits between the 16th century to the 20th century. The name of the palace has the same meaning in Estonian and German language, that is Cathrine Valley. The next place is the Tallinn TV tower that is used for broadcasting is a 170 metre tall structure that has an observation deck open for the public to have a view of Tallinn city from the 21st floor. It is owned by Livra which is a telecommunication company. The tower was built  to provide telecommunication services for the 1980 Moscow summer Olympics boat race. The last place that the tourist will visit in Estonia is the St Mary’s Cathedral. It is a Catholic Church that is located on the Toompea hill and it is known for the Gothic style of architecture. The culture of Estonia is a mixture of Estonia and German language. The heritage of Estonians is known for its music, folk dance, beautiful handicrafts, wooden trees and food.     
  • Sweden:-  The country that is located in the northern part of Europe in the Scandinavian peninsula is Sweden. It shares borders with Finland and Norway. The capital of Sweden is Stockholm. Sweden is also known as Beauty on water due to its mesmerising nature views especially the beaches. Some of the places that the tourists will cover in Stockholm are the city hall which is located on the eastern tip of Kungsholmen island. It is a hall where every year on the 10th December Nobel Prize banquet is held and it is the seat of the Stockholm municipality. It houses more than 200 offices of the municipal council and the best thing about the City hall is the romantic architecture which is very splendid. The City hall also has a ceremonial hall as well as some art exhibits for the tourists. The next place is the Vasa Museum which is a historic museum that talks about the Vasa warship that was built during the 16th century. It was a 64 gun warship that is displayed fully intact in the museum. It also has the remains of the people in the ship such as their ship boots etc. The ship unfortunately sank on its first voyage. The last place that the tourist will visit is the Gamla Stan which means the old town of Stockholm. It is in the Stadsholmen island which is known for the colourful houses and popular buildings such as the Bonde Palace, Stockholm Palace, Stockholm Stock Exchange Building and Tessin Palace.
  • Norway:- The last country that is covered under the europe tour package from India and a place that is special for all nature lovers is Norway. It is located in the northern part of Europe. The places that the tourists will cover in Norway are: –
  • Oslo:-  It is the capital of Norway and the tourists will visit sightseeing points in Oslo post their visit to flam, Bergen and Gudvangen. Some of the sightseeing points in Oslo are the Royal palace which is the official residence of the current King and Queen. Besides this the administrative work of the King is done here. The palace can be visited by tourists only during the summer season. It is known for neoclassical architecture and it has a beautiful garden. The next place is the Holmenkollen ski Jump which is a big ski jumping hill that has been used to conduct Winter olympics in 1952 and ski jump tournaments. The last place that the tourist should visit is the Oslo opera house which is a national opera house in Oslo which is known for its unique architecture which is contemporary style especially the exterior and interiors. 
  • Flam:- Flam is a small village in Norway which is known for its railways. The tourists will do a train journey from flam to myrdal and experience various things during their journey. The tourists can see the beauty of nature, that is the lakes and pine forests in Hønefoss Nesbyen. They will also see the Kjosfossen Waterfall which is a must visit by the tourists in Myrdal. It gives a spine chilling view of the waterfall and a dance performance by the huldras in front of the waterfall. 
  • Bergen:- Bergen is a city in Norway that is located in the south west coast. Some of the sightseeing points that the tourists will cover are Santa Maria Church which is at the central part of Bergen and it is made of many soapstones. It is the oldest building in Bergen. The next place is the fish market which is a place for seafood lovers and it is known for the Salmon fish and whale meat. The last place that the tourist will visit is the fløyen hill through which the tourists will get a good view of the fjord of Bergen.      
  • Gudvangen:-  It is a village in Norway which is known for the fjords in norway. Fjords are the big and narrow cliffs in the sea route. The tourists will take a cruise from Gudvangen to enjoy a good view of the fjords of gudvangen.  The tourist will leave for the flam by train after the cruise and then they will go back to Oslo to complete the last part of the tour. 

How to Reach Europe from India:-  The tourists can reach Europe through India by flights as there are various airlines that fly to Europe such as Air India, British Airways, Lufthansa etc. Besides this the tourists can also go by road to Europe through a bus that goes till London by road from Delhi. It takes around 70 days to reach London and in that travel time they can explore other countries on their way to London.

Popular Packages:- These are a list of popular Europe tour from India packages that we recommend to our customers which are as follows: – 

Name of the Package  Duration of the Package  Price of the Package (RS) Countries 
European Discovery 14 nights / 15 days  2,62,990 United Kingdom, Holland, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Vatican City
New Amazing Europe Tour  9 nights / 10 days  1,72,990 Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and France
Classic Eastern Europe  7 nights / 8 days  1,61,990 Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and  Austria
Jewel of Europe  9 nights / 10 days  2,33,990 United Kingdom, Belgium, France  and Switzerland
Best of Iceland with Finland and Estonia  7 nights / 8 days 2,81,990 Finland, Estonia and Iceland

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is the currency used in European countries ?

Ans: The currency used in most of the european countries is Euros except for some countries, it is Swedish Krona, Norwegian Krone, etc. 

  • Which visa is required to visit those countries?

Ans:  The visa required to visit the above countries is the Schengen visa   which lasts for 90 days. 

  • Which hotels are covered under this package? 

Ans:  The hotels covered under this package are 3-star hotels and some of the hotels are Hotel Holiday Inn Vantaa, Hotel Tallinn Express,  Hotel Radisson Blue Arlandia etc. 

  • What are the restaurants that serve Indian food in the European countries? 

Ans: The restaurants that serve Indian food in the European countries are:  – 

  • Finland:-  Monal Indian Cuisine, India house, Spice garden etc.  
  • Estonia:-  Chakra, Ginger, Elevant etc.  
  • Sweden – Mukut Indian Restaurant, Shanti touch of Bengal, The    South Indian etc.
  • Norway:-  The Great Indian restaurant, Jaipur restaurant, Mantra etc. 
  • What is the temperature in those countries during the summer season? 

Ans: The temperature in the countries mentioned above are around 15°C to 35°C. 

  • Which language is spoken in European countries? 

Ans:  The language spoken in the above countries are: – 

  • Finland:- Finnish and Swedish
  • Estonia:- Estonian 
  • Sweden:-  Swedish
  • Norway:- Norwegian and Sami 

The people also speak English in these countries and it is a common language. 

  • Which are the famous shopping areas in European countries ?

Ans:  There are many famous shopping in the European countries and they are as follows: –

  • Finland:- ITIS Shopping Centre, Kamppi area Shopping Centre, Stockmann Department Store etc.
  • Estonia:- Telliskivi Loomelinnak, Balti Jaam Market, Masters yard, Solaris centre etc.  
  • Sweden:- Swedish high street fashion, Östermalm Saluhall, Gallerian etc. 
  • Norway:-  Oslo City Shopping Center, Aker Brygge, Sandvika Storsenter etc.  

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