5 Shopping tips for senior citizens travel

Ask before you buy

If an item has no price, always ask the price of it first. Sellers can often take

advantage of tourists by stating inflated prices.

Bag yourself a deal

Souvenir shops and tourist areas are the most expensive places to buy gifts.

Find the local markets. Initial prices will be grossly marked up to allow for

bargaining. Decide on the lowest price you are willing to pay, then go up

from there until you meet an agreed price with the seller.

In plain sight

Always have your purchased item wrapped in front of you, to ensure you are

getting what you paid for. At markets, don’t try on clothes or shoes ‘out the back’ you might be intimidated to buy at an inflated price.

Go prepared

Do shopping research before you leave. What is your destination famous for

making? Think about what you want to buy and get a general price guide so

you know what is good value.

Shopping to excess

If you get carried away with your shopping, consider posting some of your items home. Excess baggage charges on airlines are very costly. Make sure you ship your items with insurance.